Thank you friends, thank you Fortune

I write this from the other side of the album launch. Something I have long dreamed about has now happened, though in truth it is merely a watershed in the continuum (which I hope will persist). This small creation, Heartwood, is in the world and has been received with great warmth and mercy.

The first launch for the home crowd on the Gold Coast was a very beautiful night. I got to play the grand piano at The Loft which is a rare treat. It was an honour to go some way towards repaying the debt of gratitude I owe to that venue for having me play there on so many nights. When I was just starting out, not all of those nights were to such a crowd, and I am very grateful that there are now so many in this home town of mine who came to support me. It was a privilege to share the stage with Marcus Blacke, a long time coconspirator, muse and comrade, and also Sawtooth – another great friend and true gentle man.

Photograph by Tennyson Tostee
Photograph by Tennyson Tostee

I was furthermore honoured that so many kind Brisbane friends came out on a Sunday evening to Black Bear Lodge for the launch in that city. Further still because of the presence of Sarah Howells from Triple J/Roots N All, who not only played my songs out across the ether, but also was very generous in her praise of the performance and these tunes of mine. Sawtooth joined me again at this show, and played a mesmerising set that helped put some quietness in my spirit after two nights prior playing loud shows with my psychedelic brothers Tsun. I was overjoyed at both shows to see so many people with copies of my album and the accompanying art book. The book is a gift that was only for the launch, and I hope those who have them feel it is a nice (though at times unsettling) artefact.

Photograph by Andrew Gough
Photograph by Andrew Gough

Thank you friends for your enthusiasm for my music. It is a true gift that I am allowed to sing for so many ears, because it brings me so much joy to do so. I pray that I may continue until my beard is grey.

Thank you.

Rise & Shine

I’m very privileged to be invited to play at two of the Rise & Shine events. These are special concerts put on in communities that were badly affected by the flooding late last year. For me who came up on the river and the delta blues, that old rising water is something I know a thing or two about.

I’ll be appearing 18 May at Gatton and 26 May at Mt Tambourine. I hope my car can make it all the way out yonder.

Rise and Shine - Lockey Valley (Gatton) - flyer

A big week

A few fun gigs this week, beginning ANZAC Day at The Cave, and followed on Friday the 26th at The Loft (supporting The Wild Comforts) then Saturday the 27th at The Joynt (supporting Max Savage and The False Idols).

I am deeply honoured and privileged to be supporting such great acts and I look forward to three musical evenings (and maybe more…)

Max Savage at The Joynt Wild-Comforts-at-The-Loft

Supporting James Teague at The Joynt this Sunday

Friends, I’m proud to be supporting James Teague this Sunday at The Joynt in Brisbane. His music and voice is truly unique and I can’t wait to see his set. It sounds like:

The bill also includes my friends Tall Tails who make beautiful music, vis a vis:

So come on down early, I’ll be starting around 4:30! After, we can dance together.

Show this Sunday!

Just thought I would share this little poster with you, the gig is this Sunday the 24th of March and it would be a privilege to have some company.

With These Four Walls, Alone Alaska and Take Me North.
With These Four Walls, Alone Alaska and Take Me North.