I am very proud to be appearing at this year's Buskers by the Creek Festival. They won best live music event at the recent Gold Coast Music Awards and it is an honour to be on the bill. Put this one in your calendar (October 17th and 18th). ...

2015 HEADLINE ANNOUNCEMENT! He’s just been crowned Gold Coast’s ‘Artist of the Year’ at the Gold Coast Music Awards and isn't promoted as the ‘Musical Fool’ for no reason! Born into a non-musical family and named after a criminal from the future, Karl S. Williams morphed into a guitar-slinging, banjo-wielding freak with a penchant for hell fire and heavenly salvation. We’re ecstatic that the man of the moment’s agreed to strip back and celebrate buskers style with us … he’ll be closing the first day’s festivities main stage!

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I feel like every post henceforth must begin with some expression of gratitude, so thank you all once again for all the support. I am privileged to celebrate this happy time with a local show this evening at Helensvale Library Community & Cultural Centre. So come and join me friends, it starts at 5:30pm and as these shows are the work of local music champion (of all time) Polly Snowden it will be a splendid affair. I am further honoured that More Gold Coast has now premiered the first "Soundbar Sessions" video! Check it out below and enjoy. ...

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Following a fantastic night on Wednesday for the Gold Coast Music Awards and ahead of tonight's show at Helensvale Library Community & Cultural Centre I'll be having a chat to Nicole from ten am on ABC Gold Coast listen in I am feeling so thankful you may receive a new song today ...

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Thank you! I have been searching for the right words all day but they elude me still. What a blessing it is to have such resounding support. It is deeply humbling to consider how songs that were born in the humblest and most insular circumstances now reside in the hearts of many. To my fellow workers at the loom, weaving the threads of the soul into the great tapestry of song; you are all immense in my estimation and this award I receive on your behalf. I am but another small servant of the eternal muses and the great work goes ever on. #GCMA2015 #olordfillmycup ...

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Friends, here is the event for our upcoming show with The Dawn Parade at Solbar. Please share this and help me spread the word if you know any folks in the area. Also: one sleep until Gold Coast Music Awards. Rest well brothers and sisters! ...

Karl S. Williams Band and The Dawn Chorus at Solbar

August 8, 2015, 7:30pm

The band and I are very happy to be coming back to one of our favourite venues: Solbar! Not to mention we get to play with one of my favourite bands The Dawn Chorus and also Abbie Cardwell. It's going to be something special, let's pack it out. Presale tickets are available now so don't miss out.

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