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  • Venus tends the garden where all things grow.

    Posted - 13 hours ago
  • The good people at Big Pineapple Music Festival shared these kind words about me. I am deeply honoured to know that I have been recommended to them - even moreso that they heeded the good word - and I am very much looking forward to playing this year's event!

    Posted - 4 days ago
  • I want to share with you some infant songs, this one is called "Little China Cup" after a poem from some time ago in my Book of Apology (never-published anthology). Recorded in a backyard in Melbourne. If you come to The Bison Bar this Friday evening I'll play it for you. https://youtu.be/EuER4hzhqVE

    Posted - 16 days ago
  • Friends, thank you for a successful 'Is This Love?' tour. I've had a bit of quiet time since but I'm very happy to be making a foray further north this weekend for a couple of shows. Firstly The Bison Bar on Friday with Shane Warren Hicks and then The Spirit of Bundaberg festival at Bundaberg Rum Distillery! Jesse is coming along for that one and it's likely to get swampy.

    Posted - 18 days ago
  • A very kind review of last night's show! Thank you Martin and The Guardian! Second last show of the tour tonight at Heya Bar and I'm privileged to have Shane Warren Hicks from The Blackwater Fever joining me. I hope that you will join us too. Music starts at 9:30.

    Karl S Williams review – Australia's unmerciful magistrate of the blues


    Karl S Williams’ show is a powerful mix of Delta blues, beautiful balladry and vocal pyrotechnics, even if he introduces his songs in a whisper

    Posted - 29 days ago

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