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  • I'm here @3rrrfm! This place is an institution and I am thoroughly honoured. Tune in at 11:30 because I'm playing something you never heard before.

    Posted - 6 hours ago
  • Evelyn Hotel was a delight, thanks for coming early! Now I'm on my way to Westernport-Hotel San Remo for the first official show of my solo tour. If you see me hitching, pick me up.

    Posted - a day ago
  • These cats Trinity Roots have sold out Evelyn Hotel tonight! A nice end to a delightful tour. Doors are at 9 and if you come early you might be able to get one of the few extra tickets that have been released (and you'll also catch my little ol' opening set). Always a pleasure to play in Melbourne.

    Posted - 2 days ago
  • Pit stop at Pete's Musicians Market to marvel at beautiful instruments and now it's your turn Wollongong Unibar! I'm on at 7:30 so come early.

    Posted - 3 days ago
  • Today begins the sprint finish of my tour with Trinity Roots. See you soon at The Brunswick Hotel and then OXFORD ART FACTORY, Wollongong Unibar and Evelyn Hotel. Also many thanks to my talented friend Tal for making this amazing quilted portrait!

    Posted - 5 days ago

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